Saturday, June 21, 2014

Kill Switch coming ...

from a USA Today article (full link below):  "Google and Microsoft will add kill switches to the next versions of their cell phone operating systems, according to San Francisco district attorney George Gasc√≥n.  The move is seen as a major step towards making smart phones and other easily-stolen devices such as tablets less of a theft risk...."

This will allow a user to disable their stolen phone and erase data (if they wish)...making the phone not worth hardly anything.  If the phone is recovered, it can be reloaded by the rightful owner.

here is the full article:  USA Today Article

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

KiIndle android app improves speech function

The new Adnroid Kindle app now makes it much easier to switch between reading and being read to (speech function).  Here is an article that explains it all.

Change in the Google Play Store

The new version of Google PlayStore has reduced the amount of detail that you see for permissions the desired application requires.  This could cause us to download and install an app that needs permissions that we don't want to grant. is a link to an article that explains the situation and shows you how to see the permissions detail before downloadin/installing a new app from the PlayStore.